HEF Grant Application

Please review the guidelines before completing the Grant Application Form.

The HEF Board of Directors will evaluate each grant request based upon all facts and circumstances, including the following guidelines:

  1. Grant application should be done independently from other submissions. If the grant is related to another submission from your team or building, please let the committee know if they can be grouped or shared. Group sharing of grants is looked at favorably.
  2. Provide the necessary project details in a readable format for the board’s full understanding of the request and its impact on the students of the district.
  3. Technology: Requests for technology hardware, such as iPads, laptops, and chrome books just to increase inventory will not be considered. The application needs to represent something that is creative in the classroom. The request should show how desired technology will make an impact in the classroom.
  4. Applications need to demonstrate how the request directly relates to the curriculum, preferably through a connection to a School or the District Improvement Plan.
  5. The grant application needs to provide a clear description/budget on how grant funds will be used or what will be purchased. You must include quotes from companies the items will be purchased from and figure shipping costs where applicable.
  6. If the grant is for technology – PLEASE contact the technology department for preferred pricing/accurate models needed and to determine if the technology will be compatible within the district. You will also need to include any additional fees you will need such as software, materials, training, hardware, etc.
  7. Grants that reach a large number of learners, and those that can be used each year are looked at favorably.
  8. Collaboration with other funding sources is highly encouraged. Please consider alternative sources of funding for part of your items/programs.
  9. Typically, grant funds will not be awarded for food, t-shirts, or other non-reusable items, transportation, substitute teachers or the same program for more than one year.
  10. Grant funds will not be awarded retroactively.

Interested in applying for a grant?
The application window for HEF Grants is currently closed.
Check back soon – applications will be accepted Spring 2021.